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gidooCMS is a kind of framework for CMS systems based on Apache Wicket. You have the basic features of an CMS, but you add you own functionality by extending Java-classes. E.g. you will write the code for creating a menu by yourself directly in Java. Currently we use Apache Jackrabbit as persistance engine.


Some of the important features:

+++ 2010-01-15: Release of gidooCMS 1.1+++

This is mainly a bugfix release.

The most important bug that was fixed was #502410, which caused problems when publishing resources and closing the session.

A new feature was added as well: it is now possible to view unpublished resources as a logged in editor or publisher for this section.

Please also note that some deprecated functions where removed.

Call for feature requests (and for developers)

In order to become one of the best Wicket CMS we want to know what you want to have included. Play around with our example application, begin to develop a CMS using gidooCMS and give us feedback! You can either use the issue tracker or the discussion group.

We also call for Wicket developers who want to participate in our project. This is your chance to get a Wicket CMS that does fulfill your needs. Every contributor is welcome. You can also help with e.g. testing and writing tutorials. Drop me an e-mail to get developer access to this project.